Irina Allegrova’s eyes burn from alcohol

October 31, 2022 Off By Author site

The famous Russian Irina Allegrova announced the end of her musical career in connection with her marriage to the American millionaire Jason Wheels and residence in the United States. The farewell concerts of the show business star were not without incidents. At a recent performance in Israel before the performance of the hit by Grigory Leps, which is called “A glass of vodka on the table,” Irina asked the audience: – Do you think I can drink a glass of vodka today?

Everyone screamed, which of course is necessary. At the end of the song, one of the fans went up on stage and presented the woman with a bottle of expensive vodka. And after the performance, she got drunk with this man and began to behave rudely. Many say that Allegrova has long been accused of excessive addiction to alcohol. Seeing the bottle, Irina Aleksandrovna’s eyes lit up. She obviously liked the gift. But then the singer ordered the guards not to let the audience on the stage from now on, so that later they would not allow incidents that could ruin her reputation, which was already stained with alcohol.