Irina Alferova became disabled

October 31, 2022 Off By Author site

Not so long ago, an accident happened to actress Irina Alferova and she ended up in the hospital. On tour, she suffered a double leg fracture and torn ligaments. But, despite the injury, she continued touring, and is now undergoing treatment. She is not used to complaining about ailments and will work in any conditions. During the performance, she fell on the stage and felt a terrible pain in her right leg. The doctors who arrived made a splint and offered the actress to go with them to the hospital. But Irina knew that if she agreed to hospitalization, she would undoubtedly let a large number of people down.

After all, the performance has already begun and what will they say to the audience, who came to see it and went on stage. True, not to go out, but had to leave already in a wheelchair. And in the evening Irina Alferova went to the hospital. Doctors confirmed a broken leg and performed surgery on her. Irina Ivanovna honestly answered the journalists who called the actress that her whole body hurts, it’s even hard to speak.

Most of all, Irina Alferova was upset by the fact that she would not be able to finish the tour season with the troupe. It was also lucky that most recently she refused to shoot in a French film. Despite the fact that Alferova was offered a good fee, she did not accept the script. Irina Ivanovna did not like that Russian morals were not correctly presented there.

A few years ago, Irina Alferova developed a beauty recipe for herself, which she uses by intuition, without consulting doctors. The actress noticed that hot water helps her and began to take boiling water baths, which make her look younger. – Indeed it is, I like to bathe in hot water! – confirmed the actress. – But I do not recommend everyone to do this, besides, you need to be very careful, because you can scald your hands and feet. I feel very good in a hot bath.