Britney Spears unsuccessfully tries to hide her bald spot

September 25, 2023 Off By Author site

The famous Hollywood actress, one of the brightest foreign singers Britney Spears recently decided not to openly admit. The star complained to fans about a new problem, she began to go bald. She doesn’t understand whether it’s from vitamin deficiency, or whether she has some serious problems. The star immediately decided to hide the problem and increased her hair. In her microblog, the artist shared fresh shots of herself updated. The star has grown a decent amount of hair and now they have become much thicker than before.

Britney Spears

However, Britney is well aware that she hid the problem only externally, in order to solve it completely, it is necessary to take care of her health. The star is used to the fact that her every step becomes headlines for articles in the tabloid press, so she could not get into trouble with this problem in any way. The worst thing is that Britney Spears has spent a lot of nerves because of the constant worry of balding hair. Some fans noted that, despite the build-up, its length does not exceed 20 cm, and the curls look brittle and dried. In a word, now the celebrity has another headache, which she urgently needs to cope with. After all, the artist will soon start a new tour, and in no case can she appear before the fans in this form.