Dana Borisova was crippled by the Turks on vacation

October 31, 2022 Off By Author site

Holidays on the coast of Turkey for TV presenter Dana Borisova ended in a real nightmare. After the woman bathed and lay down to sunbathe, she suddenly felt severe pain in the abdomen. The doctors who arrived examined the patient and suggested that Dana was pregnant. But Borisova immediately rejected this. After a second thorough examination, it turned out that the TV star had appendicitis. “I immediately there, in Antalya. had an operation, – Dana admitted to our journalist.

Of course, I was very afraid and worried, as I was in a foreign country. But everything went well.” Upon arrival in Moscow, complications began already at home. A week ago, the TV presenter had a fever, and the seam from the operation was swollen. The frightened woman immediately turned to the doctors for help. Metropolitan surgeons were forced to do a second operation. “During the operation, Turkish doctors put some kind of metal staples on me,” Dana said. They promised that these staples would dissolve on their own over time. But in fact, everything went wrong. They caused inflammation in me. The staples had to be removed immediately. Now I feel better and I hope that this nightmare is over for me soon.” By the way, Dana’s friends reported that on vacation she lost not only her appendix, but also her boyfriend. However, Dana’s happiness did not last long, on vacation the lovers quarreled and the young man flew back to Moscow.