Stas Mikhailov suffers from a dangerous disease

October 31, 2022 Off By Author site

Russian singer and producer Stas Mikhailov is in the Botkin hospital in Moscow. His wife and relatives are on duty at the hospital. Our correspondent managed to talk to the wife of the star in the corridor of the surgical department. As the woman explained, Stas began to have big problems with pressure. The hospital’s leading surgeon prepares her husband for heart surgery.

For the first time, Mikhailov’s serious health problems were discussed in 2016, when he himself turned to the Bakulev Center. The singer had a very busy concert schedule. And at the end of each worked evening, he complained of shortness of breath and pain in the chest. Then the musician realized that he had a serious illness. After the examination, the actor received recommendations from doctors to get enough sleep, not to drink alcohol, to follow a diet, to lead a measured and calm lifestyle. But these recommendations went against his established habits.

Stas’s condition was terrible, the pressure just went off scale, he was tormented by attacks of arrhythmia. Mikhailov was put on a drip and prescribed a course of intensive therapeutic treatment. Doctors prescribed him medicines to cleanse the blood and blood vessels. But even after that, the general condition of the singer improved only for a while.

Subsequently, he went to the hospital every year and taking tests, he heard a new diagnosis from doctors, cholesterol plaques in the vessels and abnormalities in the work of the heart. Doctors seriously made it clear that if you do not change this lifestyle, it will be even worse. Stas Mikhailov will still find a way to change and embark on the path of recovery.