Yana Rudkovskaya is being threatened with acid

October 31, 2022 Off By Author site

For several years in a row, producer Yana Rudkovskaya has been fighting fiercely with her ex-husband, businessman Viktor Baturin, for the fair right to raise children. At the end of last year, when Viktor was arrested, Yana took the children to her. However, her happiness did not last long. Recently it became known that the biological mother of Andrei’s son, Yulia Saltanov, wants to return the boy to herself. This high-profile story began more than ten years ago.

Yulia Saltanova met Viktor Baturin on vacation in Sochi. Within a few weeks, their turbulent romance blossomed into marriage. However, soon the businessman’s young wife found out about Baturin’s connection with his mistress Yana Rudkovskaya. Julia did not tolerate an outsider in family relationships, and even despite her pregnancy, she filed for divorce. When Andrei was born, Saltanova was in a state of passion in the hospital and wrote a rejection of the boy. According to Yana Rudkovskaya, Yulia received 10 million rubles from Baturin for abandoning her son. Saltanova does not recognize this fact.

For ten years, Yulia was not heard from, she did nothing to take her child away. However, after the businessman was arrested, this woman decided to return her son. Yana herself does not hide: she is very tired of the courts. But he is not going to give up and will fight to the last. According to Rudkovskaya, Andrei has long known who his biological mother really is. However, she considers the mother not the one who gave birth, but the one who raised. And recently, Yana received an anonymous letter in which they threaten to pour acid on her. Yana is sure that this story will not end quickly.