Jackie Chan will return to the screens again

October 31, 2022 Off By Author site

There are rumors in the press that movie legend Jackie Chan will return to TV screens soon. This news does not even allow anyone to fall asleep peacefully. After all, many are only “for” for this to really happen. To finally dispel these rumors, the media decided to get down to business.

After that, it became clear that these were just rumors. The actor is no longer in good health to perform his legendary stunts, and sometimes there is not enough urine for shooting. But it also became known that Jackie Chan found himself a student who is already teaching his signature tricks.

They look like two drops of water. Very soon, young Jackie will conquer TV screens, but not Chan, but Chin. So far, he only takes over all the skills from his teacher. But soon the audience will see the same legendary Jackie again. Well, the real Jackie Chan “will forever remain young” in the hearts of people.