Alla Pugacheva has memory problems: how will the farewell concert go?

October 31, 2022 Off By Author site

Maxim Galkin let slip that his wife, the prima donna of the national scene, prepared a soundtrack of all the songs that are planned to be included in the program of the anniversary concert at the State Kremlin Palace.

“She is afraid to finally disgrace herself, as she may forget some of the lyrics right on stage. She also has lung problems and her breathing can fail when performing songs, ”says an anonymous source. Therefore, a big scandal could result from this performance.

All fans who bought tickets for big money want to listen to live sound. Moreover, this will be the farewell performance of Alla Borisovna. In addition, Pugacheva recorded a video of all the numbers and close-ups in advance, and only the general shot and the applauding audience will be filmed at the concert itself.

Video engineers will be able to assemble everything into one beautiful performance and the fans will once again be deceived.