What did Johnny Depp do that he was sued?

March 13, 2023 Off By Author site

Is everyone’s favorite actor Johnny Depp not as noble as it seems at first glance. It became known that the actor’s personal bodyguards Eugene Arreola and Miguel Sanchez decided to sue him for bullying and unpaid work hours. Fans of the actor are shocked, is Johnny Depp not perfect, somewhere in the world, probably, the fans of the handsome man have cried, but that’s not about it now.

What did Johnny Depp do that he was sued

According to the guards, since Depp took them to work, he immediately began to mock them. As it turned out, Depp forced them to transport trucks with drugs, containers with alcohol, and even bring him to his senses when he is unable to cope with himself. The star actor himself has not yet commented on the situation.