Volochkova’s terrible act confused her fans

April 10, 2023 Off By Author site

The famous blonde of the Russian show business, a socialite and one of the most scandalous artists of the country Anastasia Volochkova again got into a mess. Recently, details of the story surfaced online, which caused a violent reaction from the public. As it became known, the artist can be very nervous and takes out her aggression and anger not only on people, but also on animals.

Volochkova's terrible act confused her fans

As it turned out, recently a video appeared on the Network in which the actress came to visit her father, there was a dog in the house of the singer’s relatives, who, apparently, was not indifferent to Volochkova’s father. Thus, the dancer decided to stand up for her father and kicked the dog on the head. After such a blatant case, the actress was again attacked with criticism, but this time not only the public, but also many show business stars, who immediately began to write negative comments to the star like “Knock yourself on the head”, “What a pathetic situation”, “What is the animal to blame for?

No mind, no conscience …” In a word, once again the blonde made the audience worry. Many show business stars openly say that Volochkova has problems with alcohol, which is why she does not know how to control her behavior. The celebrity herself does not react to criticism, tries not to pay attention to the enraged public.