Vera Brezhneva leaves her husband

October 31, 2022 Off By Author site

The glamorous singer Vera Brezhneva will soon turn out to be a beggar, because of the debts of her husband-producer, all the property of the pop beauty will be described by bailiffs. Konstantin Meladze is being shaken because of an overdue unpaid bank loan. Two years ago, he issued a credit card in the amount of 14 million rubles. The musician did not repay the debt in a timely manner and the bank went to court.

Of course, Vera could help her husband improve his financial situation by arranging an auction of the star’s personal belongings. It would be possible to collect a good amount from the sale of exclusive items. Brezhnev’s first husband, Vitaly Voichenkov, admitted that Vera loves only exceptionally successful men. When Vitaly began to have financial problems, the singer immediately found another. And now there are rumors that Vera may leave Konstantin. She prefers to tour the country, be in sight, weave intrigues and drive men crazy with revealing outfits.

Such a woman is definitely not threatened with loneliness. Brezhneva herself declares that she will not comment on her personal life, although until recently she assured everyone that she was happily married. Whether this woman will again change her debtor husband, we’ll see.