Shock: what does Angelina Jolie look like after the trial?

May 8, 2023 Off By Author site

The famous Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie is constantly in the spotlight of the public and the media. The artist never ceases to delight fans with her luxurious outings. Many fans of the star are sure that Jolie has an exceptional sense of style and taste. Recall that the last court hearing took place recently, following which it became clear that custody of the children will be equally divided between Jolie and Pitt.

Shock what does Angelina Jolie look like after the trial

By the way, these few years of struggle for the right to become the sole guardian of six children “squeezed” all the juices out of the star, she lost weight, became plain and seems to have lost her individuality. However, after the hearing, everything fell into place, Jolie found the strength and took care of herself again. The artist has been shocking the audience with her confident classic outfits lately, which add to her charm.

The elegant style that Jolie has recently demonstrated is universally admired. Fans shower the star with compliments and pleasant reviews every day. The last time the paparazzi captured the star in a stylish black suit, which she complemented with a white shirt and black suede heeled boots. Naturally, a chic coat that harmoniously matched her image and black glasses, which became an integral part of the image of the star, were not left without attention.