Baskov’s ex-girlfriend told interesting details of his life

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The famous singer, People’s Artist of the Russian stage Nikolai Baskov is now in the spotlight of paparazzi and the media, and all because he recently presented his new song, performed in collaboration with Philip Kirkorov “Ibiza”. Baskov’s fans were pleasantly surprised by the artist’s reincarnations, but not everyone liked the new creative experiment. A couple of years ago, Baskov was dating a girl named Sofia Kalchenko.

Baskov's ex-girlfriend told interesting details of his life

By the way, the lovers were together for about a year, but it never came to the wedding. The girl was uncomfortably surprised by the new composition of Nikolai Baskov and decided to express her opinion on this in her microblog on Instagram. The girl was outraged by the blatant behavior of the artist, according to her, it was unpleasant for her to see the singer in such an unsightly light. It is clear that Baskov and Kirkorov went all out because they wanted to beat the high ratings, but Sofia did not expect that the artist would agree to such a provocation.

Anyway, opinions were divided, young people appreciated the new work of the performer, since it was this age group that the clip of the artists was focused on. But the older people were confused. Nevertheless, despite the criticism from the ex-lover, Nikolai Baskov maintains a rather warm relationship with the girl, they managed to part friends.