Avril Lavigne shocked with frank details of relationships with ex-husbands

March 30, 2023 Off By Author site

Popular singer Avril Lavigne recently returned to the big stage after a five-year break in creative activity. According to the star, during this time she managed to write a new album, as well as get married and divorced twice. On the occasion of her return, the singer decided to give a big interview in which she openly talked about her personal life and how she managed to defeat the disease. Many fans of the singer’s life and work know perfectly well that Avril Lavigne was married twice, but both marriages turned out to be unsuccessful for her.

Although, according to the singer herself, she does not regret her marriage at all, and still speaks with love and tenderness about her former spouses. The star also told the story that for several years she had to fight Lyme disease, which was discovered in the star in 2015. The singer admits that she felt terrible, could not get out of bed, for almost several years the star was in a supine position and took various antibiotics. As a result, when the star managed to cope with all the hardships, she began writing a new album, which became a landmark and very personal one for her. It was there that the star told about the feelings she had to experience during this difficult period.